About the Rx Discount Program

The Samaritan Ministries Rx Discount Program, administered by CVS Caremark, has been prepared specifically for the Samaritan members.

The program will save an average of 37 percent off generic, 20 percent off brand-name prescription drugs and up to 75 percent off many prescriptions at over 66,000 participating retail pharmacies throughout the United States.

The plan has been specifically structured to provide members:

• Mail Service – Save an average of 50 percent on medications
• Specialty Pharmacy Services – Receive a significant discount on high-cost specialty medications
• No enrollment or membership fees
• No enrollment paperwork
• No eligibility or preauthorization is required
• Customer Care is managed by CVS Caremark and available 24/7.

CVS Caremark offers similar discount card services to more than 28 million participants and has been offering this type of partnership since 1993.

Why use generics?

With your prescription discount card program, you will pay less for generic medicines than for equivalent brand name medicines.  You can count on generics because: 

They're safe and effective

Like all brand name medicines, generic medicine must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective before they can be sold.  In fact, manufacturers must prove to the FDA that generic medicines work just like their brand name equivalent.  

They're a better value

Generic medicines usually cost much less than brand name medicines.  They cost less because their manufacturers do little advertising, and did not have to invest in the original research, development and testing of the drug. 

A generic medicine may be different color or shape, but it is the same as the brand name medicine in:
• Strength (number of milligrams, etc)
• Dosage form (pill, liquid, cream, etc.)
• Quality
• Active ingredient
• Effectiveness (how it works in the body)

What you can do to save by using generic medicines:

  1. Always ask your doctor if a generic is available for the medicine you are being prescribed.
  2. Ask your doctor to allow generic substitution for all your prescription
  3. Ask your pharmacist to fill your prescription with a generic equivalent, if available. 
  4. Order your prescription through the Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy.  Your prescription benefits allows Caremark to fill your prescription with a generic equivalent for your prescribed medicine if your doctor permits.

Filling A Prescription?

A Caremark participating retail pharmacy is your best choice for prescriptions you need right away.  

Caremark Mail Service Pharmacies

The most cost effective choice for filling your prescription is to take advantage of our Mail Service Pharmacy.

Customer Care

Contact us anytime!  To speak with a customer care representative:
Call toll-free 1-877-321-2652

or write to us at 

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